reference software to manage your property claims

kermobile simplifies property claims management
and optimizes your insurance contracts

The Kermobile software allows you to digitize the filing and management of your real estate claims with ease. It offers centralized real-time management of all your damages. It also reveals previously invisible data about your claims and about the health of your real estate portfolio.

thanks to complete, reliable and verified data,

make informed decisions and optimize your insurance contracts.

regain control over your claims and risks


file your property claims with ease

Using the KerMobile application, five minutes are enough to carry out a complete damage report, standardized and compatible with all insurance contracts.

  • Complete the claim form using a pre-filled form atuned to the nature of the claim
  • Add photos or videos, timestamped and geotagged
  • The damage report is automatically sent to your claim management department, who will decide, depending on the incident and your guarantees, whether or not to submit it to your insurance company.

view and manage your data

Centralize all exchanges and documents relating to your claims (repair quotes, complaints, expert reports, etc.) as well as your insurance contracts using an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface:

  • Benefit from a flexible, scalable tool, well fit to your organization
  • Define users, their roles and stay in control
  • Manage your files from start to finish, from on-site observation to closure
  • Schedule reminders and alerts
  • Centralize all your exchanges using the integrated mailbox

manage your claims

Kermobile gives you complete visibility on the state of your real estate portfolio. All incidents, filed or not with the insurance companies, are constantly updated. Personalized summary reports are available for optimal management of damages and risks.

  • Trace the history of your disorders
  • Gain an muuch improved insight into the performance, costs and risks your organization faces
  • Make informed decisions
  • Proactively manage your legal and service providers
  • Adapt your insurance contracts

they trust us

designed for all real estate players

Kermobile is intended for operators & managers of premises and multi-site facilities, internationally, in the sectors of real estate, industry, commerce, services and construction.

The solution is aimed at asset managers, property managers, risk managers, maintenance managers, insurance managers or even the general management of your companies.

business features for all your insurance contracts,

Kermobile is a software designed and hosted in France, available in SaaS mode, that allows you to record, file and manage all of your real estate claims from start to finish, whether or not they are above the deductible, regardless of your insurance contracts, internationally.

The tool includes a set of tailor-made services to cover all property claims:

  • Property damage (P&C)
  • Structural damages
  • Construction Risks
  • Civil liability insurance

via an application and a platform bringing together all the data.

And because every organization is different, we offer features that adapt to your business.

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Kermobile is a French software publisher providing an expert platform in the filing and management of property claims.