KerMobile - Innovation at the service of insurance

KerClaim - l'application de gestion de sinistres qui vous donne une visibilité complète sur l'état de votre patrimoine immobilier

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Your company builds,
manages or operates multi-site
offices and premises
anywhere in the world

You are a professional
in the Property, Industry,
Trade, Services, Construction.

You are a Risk Manager,
a Field Operative,
the Head of Insurances,
a Business Unit Manager or the CEO.

It is an internal BtoB application that revolutionizes the management of real estate claims so that damages are no longer inevitable. Beyond the paperless tracking of claims (which is already a lot), KERCLAIM allows, thanks to its predictive reporting, to generate savings on the costs of insurance and maintenance of buildings.

It is also a management tool to accompany the “professionalisation / digitalisation” of Insurance departments.

KERCLAIM is an application for the insured. Not for insurance companies, not for brokers, but for the insured. It helps them collect and report property claims in real time, simplify their processing and follow-up. It provides powerful reporting and steering tools.

Filing, reporting and managing claims in a few clicks is the service offered by the professional mobile application in the field of insurance: KerClaim, from KerMobile Solutions.

A revolution 2.0 dedicated to all real estate players, operators, managers of premises and multi-site locations, in France and abroad, in the real estate, industry, Commerce, services and construction.

Dedicated in particular to property managers, risk managers, general or BU managers, heads of maintenance, insurance managers, KerClaim radically optimizes the management of real estate insurance claims. By systematizing and securing the real-time reporting process, the mobile application provides key support for both management control & decision-making, and contributes to optimizing insurance premiums. Finally, the app provides highly sophisticated reporting solutions.

Integrating French and foreign standards, KerClaim operates whatever the insurance contract, and accompanies its international development thanks to its foreign versions.


Installed on the smartphone or tablet of the field agent, KerClaim allows him to file a damage claim on site and to consult his claims.

The declarant focuses on describing the disorder by means of a simple questionnaire attuned to each type of claim (general liabilities, construction claim, …).

At the scene of the disaster, the user takes all necessary photos and videos that will form an integral part of the claim statement. These geo-tagged and time-stamped visual elements will form evidences for insurers and experts.

The forms, built in partnership with the AQC (Quality Construction Agency), ensure that all the technical elements necessary for the investigation of the file are taken into account.

The administrative data will have been automatically integrated into the claim without the intervention of the agent on the ground, thanks to the initial loading in the application (policy number / addendum / contact details …).

It takes an average of five to seven minutes to file a claim, which is then fully built-up.

Once the claim is complete, the data is stored on secured servers.

A automatically generated PDF file is then sent to a pre-established mailing list, informing everyone who counts that a new damage has been noticed.

The claim could be transmitted directly by the system to the broker or the insurer but it is preferable that it be first validated by the internal department in charge of insurance.

It is not always in the interest of the insured to declare all his claims. He may choose to self-insure punctually.


  • Declaration of disaster or disorder on the spot
  • Finalized statement on first shot, no more back-and-forth
  • Process reliability
  • Time saving
  • Instant targeted delivery
  • Whatever your insurance policy


The KerMobile platform is powered on the one hand by claims, and on the other hand by the administrative data preloaded in the system.

It is a unique claim and disorders monitoring tool, managing all processes and flows.

Administrators are the facilitators of the system.

It becomes the claims repository and provides a comprehensive view of the situation, in real time.

The insurance department always keeps its freedom to file or not a claim to insurance companies, according to its own criteria, its history or the level of its excesses.

The disorders below excess are also integrated into the back office to identify the “Black figure”.

Remote users can access KERCLAIM through the internet. Everyone therefore benefits from centralized, up-to-date and persistent data.

The BackOffice facilitates claims management through a comfortable, ergonomic, and self-explanatory user interface.

Automatic reminders prevent loss of chance, missed appointments, missed deadlines ….


  • A single tool for the whole company
  • Providing a synthetic view on damages
  • Standardized and seamless reporting
  • Identify the “black figure” to identify costs savings (disorders under excess)
  • Faster claim processing
  • Real-time claim processing


The application benefits from an innovative reporting module (including Pathology analytics, building ageing analytics, statuses, amounts …) which provides powerful analytical tools for management.

The quality of the information gathered during the declaration, supplemented by all the elements gathered during the disaster follow-up, allows an in-depth analysis focused on economics, loss pathology, maintenance of buildings … helping management to anticipate future issues.

This module can be supplemented by customized queries on requests.


  • The insured manages his claims with exhaustive data that he alone has access to
  • A tool for preparing for negotiations with insurers
  • The ease of access to reliable and pertinent information makes it possible to consider adjusting deductibles.
  • The reliability of the information and the speed of the processing makes it possible to consider adjusting your insurance deductibles
  • Helps potential predict failures, hence optimize maintenance budgets
  • Damages are no longer pure fatality